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An ALTA Survey is a detailed survey performed by a Registered Licensed Surveyor in accordance with the specific set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS)

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Land Surveys
A Land Survey is a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of significant factors affecting and influencing boundary locations, ownership lines, rights of way and easements within or immediately surrounding a certain lot, parcel or quantity of real estate. It also includes associated services,such as analusis and utilization of survey data, subdivision planning desgin, writing legal descriptions, mapping, construction layout, and precise measurement of angle, elevation, length, area and volume.

When do I need a Survey
*Before land is bought, sold, or subdivided.
*Before design or construction of major improvements; buildings, fences, pools, roads and more.
*Before a boundary dispute arises when there is uncertainty of a boundary line location or corner.
Be informed that a Surveyor is only liable for a property survey for 10 years. Surveys are copyrighted material and maynot be reproduced except for the initial transaction.
Easements, restrictions and flood zones are subject to change as well.

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